Mamma Rita, Paulina and Christina

Three powerful women and their well-rehearsed team

Mamma Rita, Paulina and Christina: these are the ladies who run the Hotel Pradat. Three authentic Ladin women who are always ready to help me and all their guests – all day, from morning to night. Ok, at least one of them is always available – after all, there is a lot to do in a hotel and each of them has her own area of responsibility.

They enjoy being both present and attentive, without being intrusive. I really appreciate that! Together with their long-standing staff, they form a well-coordinated team that looks after the well-being of all their guests with great passion and dedication.

Christina, Rita and Paulina Miribung
β€œ There is no limit to what we, as woman, can accomplish. ” Michelle Obama
The Mamma

Mamma Rita

In 1961, my husband and I were able to realise the dream of a lifetime: a small house in which to welcome and pamper guests from all over the world. It was a pleasure to cook for them, listen to them talk about the 'big world' and tell them about our valley and our language, Ladin.

The Pradat house has grown a little over the years, but it has retained its homely character. It has remained a place where people interact in a friendly and uncomplicated way, everyone feeling at ease.

Now that my daughters are also permanently involved in the business and I am no longer the youngest, I have a little more time for myself and my beloved flowers and plants 🏡️🌺.

The manageress

Paulina Miribung

The Pradat is my home. I was born here, grew up here and have grown with it from year to year. It is my great endeavour to always keep the house in good shape and since our father taught me small crafts at an early age, I can also take care of many small repairs myself.

Since I studied hotel management, office and service are my core competences. This is also where I can fully develop myself. I love it when our guests feel comfortable with us and try to create an inviting, cosy atmosphere with little touches, for example when folding napkins and decorating.

When the house is closed, I love to be out and about with us in South Tyrol. If you need advice about hiking trails, ski tours, roads or towns, I'm happy to help 😊.

She's a great Sassongher fan

Christina Miribung

Those who know me know, our local mountain, Sassongher, is MY mountain. It fascinates me more and more every day. But I have never climbed it, unfortunately I am not suited for heights. Well, that's just one of the stories people tell about me. Or that I love to sing but unfortunately I am out of tuneπŸ˜‰ .

Of course I am aware of my little and big faults and I can laugh about them. Yes, I love to laugh and tell stories. And above all, I love to tell about the language and culture of the Ladins, about Alta Badia and South Tyrol.

Together with Paulina you will see me 'hanging around the tables' creating a perfect harmony. If you like, either at breakfast or dinner we can chat a little or we can 'meet' on Facebook or Instagram.

The beginnings and beautiful memories

The story of one of the oldest hotels in Corvara

At the time in 1961 when Rita and Giuseppe came to live in Corvara, there was a totally different atmosphere here. Ciasa Pradat was being built in the green and sun-drenched Pescosta district, at the foot of the Sassongher and the Col Pradat. At the time, it was a private dwelling with five rooms which could be rented. Giuseppe owned a small building company and Rita had been working in tourism for a few years. The two of them delighted in opening up their house to those wanting to spend their holidays in the Dolomites. Rita did the cooking, cleaning, and generally spoiled her guests.

They extended the house in 1966. In the December of the same year, Hotel Pradat was opened and the first non-family members of staff were appointed. Over the years, further extensions to the hotel were built without however sacrificing its Alpine character or its family atmosphere.

And even today, Mamma Rita incorporates the good spirit of the house and is passing on her passion for hospitality to her two daughters Paulina and Christina, who never fail to support her work in the hotel.