The three special ladies from the Pradat

A hotel in the Dolomites, managed by women

The staff at the hotel Pradat, and above all the three ladies who jointly manage the hotel, form the core of the hotel. Our regular visitors here feel as if they are staying with old friends. And this is our pride and joy! For every single day, we look forward to pampering our guests with heart and soul, commitment and our famous Ladin hospitality.

Christina, Rita and Paulina Miribung
“ There is no limit to what we, as woman, can accomplish. ” Michelle Obama
The Mamma

Mamma Rita

In 1961, she was the person who, together with our father, built the first walls of the hotel. For the whole of her life, she has been looking after her guests with great devotion. And she is the one with green fingers: it is thanks to her that we have wonderful displays of geraniums and petunias on our balconies in summer. And over the last few years, she has also, and with unfailing enthusiasm, taken charge of the breakfast buffet. And even now, when she is no longer as young as she used to be, she keeps surprising us with her desire to create new delicacies again and again.

The manageress

Paulina Miribung

Whether early or late, Paulina is always available, with a ready smile on her lips. Always keen to help her guests in practical matters or to dispense advice, but also dealing with the administration and office business. Paulina is the expert in all things that are to do with South Tyrol. She has a million tips for locating hidden corners in the Dolomites. And if ever she is not in the hotel, that means that she will be found in the company of Mamma Rita and the two of them will be indulging in their joint hobby of handicrafts. And she also enjoys travelling and reading if she gets the chance!

The sister

Christina Miribung

During the day, Christina works elsewhere, but in the evening, she assists her sister with the service. Laughter is her thing and she adores making others laugh. Always ready for a chat or a prank, that’s Christina! She sees herself as an inveterate fan of the Sassongher, loves all kinds of music, especially when performed live. Slight drawback: not blessed with singing talent herself, she will only let rip in the shower!

The beginnings and beautiful memories

The story of one of the oldest hotels in Corvara

At the time in 1961 when Rita and Giuseppe came to live in Corvara, there was a totally different atmosphere here. Ciasa Pradat was being built in the green and sun-drenched Pescosta district, at the foot of the Sassongher and the Col Pradat. At the time, it was a private dwelling with five rooms which could be rented. Giuseppe owned a small building company and Rita had been working in tourism for a few years. The two of them delighted in opening up their house to those wanting to spend their holidays in the Dolomites. Rita did the cooking, cleaning, and generally spoiled her guests.

They extended the house in 1966. In the December of the same year, Hotel Pradat was opened and the first non-family members of staff were appointed. Over the years, further extensions to the hotel were built without however sacrificing its Alpine character or its family atmosphere.

And even today, Mamma Rita incorporates the good spirit of the house and is passing on her passion for hospitality to her two daughters Paulina and Christina, who never fail to support her work in the hotel.