Bëgnodü, welcome to Pradat
Hotel Pradat: my holiday home in Corvara

Surrounded by the Dolomites, a relaxing silence and the genuine taste of nature: this is where I feel at ease!

My long-awaited holiday is getting closer and I honestly can't wait to be truly spoilt in Alta Badia, a small valley located in the east of South Tyrol. I have chosen a family-run accommodation that meets all my expectations (and well, there are quite a few!). Situated in the village of Corvara in the Dolomites, the Hotel Pradat allows me to say "a s'udëi" to all my everyday hassles and to focus on the most important things – enjoying and relaxing. Each day I can feel the enthusiasm and warmth of the three Ladin female hosts and their staff. Here in the Hotel Pradat, the day begins with panoramic views of the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage and every day I can enjoy Salvatore's Italian culinary skills. Here I can let my body rest as well as push it to the limits on the slopes of the Dolomiti Superski ski carousel or on the local mountains, the majestic Dolomites. Being here makes me feel like I'm on holiday and yet somehow at home... everything is so heart-warming! As one would call it, it's a real #holidayforthesoul.

The Ladin way of life: straight from the heart

As soon as I arrive at the hotel I can feel that Mamma Rita, Paulina and Christina are hosts by nature.

My perfect base camp: at the heart of everything

There is nothing better than starting the day right outside the door of my hotel. Only a few steps are all that separate me from the ski slopes, the trekking routes and the attractions in the valley.

Mediterranean flavours or Ladin cuisine? Why choosing?

I love Italian cuisine in all its aspects and at the Hotel Pradat I can savour it to the full. The secret ingredient? The combination of Mediterranean and South Tyrol by Salvatore, the Sicilian chef.

Welcoming, sicere, genuine
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